Professional copywriter
and word nerd.

Creating better sales copywriting formulas for the web.

As a health and fitness business owner for almost half of my life, it’s a little embarrassing to say I sucked at selling the first several years. 

The competition in that industry is fierce. And come to find out, folks don’t really care about their health, or their fitness.

That’s not the most convincing introduction, is it?

Luckily, I had a pretty kick-ass mentor sit me down and show me how he really dug into the emotions driving his clients. And as I listened to my own clients, I discovered something unexpected.

Turns out, when I started the right conversations with them, they kinda closed the sale themselves. I know– WTF, right?

I also discovered the same ideas work on the web. In fact, the more I learned, the more I found online consumers were ignoring traditional broadcast-style copywriting. They want conversations, not speeches.

As I spoke with other business owners and marketers, I found they faced the same problems when it came to selling online.

So I created Webologist. Now I help businesses create better online sales copywriting and marketing formulas.

But what does all that mean for you?

It's like dating, without all the hand-holding.

You get someone who works to learn about your business, your customers, and what drives them.

After all, I’ve waded in the trenches confronting customer objections and digging after their emotions for almost 20 years.

That means you’ll save time for your own work without having to do mine too.

Everyone likes a customer who comes pre-sold.

The best customers aren’t the ones you sell. They’re the ones who sell themselves.

How’s that? Well, a persuasive conversation uses emotion and logic.

And when your copy hits both, customers are ready to buy. In fact, they’ll even feel great about doing it.

Get messages that match across the whole sales path.

No marketing material exists in a vacuum. If each step doesn’t work with the others, none of them work.

You’ll get copywriting optimized for each platform, whether website, email, or social media… 

And all working together to convert and keep more of your customers.


Stop wondering where the hell your copywriter went.

As a U.S. Army combat arms veteran, I know reliability, timeliness, grit, and teamwork create success.

Tell me your deadline. I’ll get your project done– on time, and right. No disappearing acts, no last minute MIAs here…

So you can sleep a little easier at night.

Need a copywriter who can make your life a little easier? Click the button below and tell me how.

Or read on to find out…

Who's writing your words?

Stephen is a health & fitness copywriter specializing in writing for the web.

HI, I’m Stephen.

If you’re looking for the personal goods on me, this is the place.

I guess I’ve always been a little… odd.

The quiet one with my nose in a book. Bit of a nerd. Playing on a Texas Instrument computer (remember those, when you stored all your data on a cassette tape?). Discovering bulletin board services after Al Gore invented the internet… or something like that.

And studying what makes people tick. 

So I suppose it’s no surprise I found this thing called web copywriting. 

I admit, I started this journey as a way to help my own businesses, and I was fortunate to learn from some pretty awesome folks.

  • Direct response copywriting from the copywriting industry leader, AWAI.
  • Web copywriting from the pioneer of writing for the web, Nick Usborn.
  • Social media marketing from the brilliant folks over at Hootsuite.
  • And other priceless lessons from copywriting legends– like Clayton Makepeace, Ed Gandia, and more– through the Professional Writers Alliance.

But over time, I spoke with more and more business owners who suffered the same agonizing plight…

Getting noticed online and converting customers on the web is kinda like herding chimpanzees, and there’s no time for all this BS because there’s a business to run.

And so Webologist was born, focused on helping businesses like yours create copywriting that gets attention and converts customers on the web.

So tell me, how can I make your marketing a little easier?

P.S.– I’m not always in front of a keyboard. You’ll often find me hanging out with family, roaming the woods, or carving curves through the Blue Ridge Mountains.