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I'm Stephen Ledford, an AWAI-trained direct response and web copywriter. Let's transform your online marketing into genuine, customer-creating conversations.

Stephen Ledford, web copywriter for websites, social media, and email marketing.

“You’re a personal trainer second, a salesman first. You’ve gotta sell yourself.”

I heard that line from the training director at the first gym I worked in. Well, he wasn’t exactly right.

Unfortunately, I see businesses carry the same mindset onto the web. They spend a lot of time and money talking about how great their products are.

You know– selling themselves.

Truth is, nobody cares about a business. Not yours, and let’s be honest… not even mine. So, what do they care about?

Themselves. They just want a solution to their problem. Simple.

But they don’t want to be sold– they want to be understood. And they want to trust the business they buy from.

The fact that you’re here reading this tells me you know that already. And you’re determined to walk a better path. I respect that. So…

Let's build real relationships that turn leads into long-term customers.

Oh, don’t worry. We’re not getting all touchy-feely at the expense of sales.

But I’m a firm believer in the idea that customers buy from people they–

1) Trust, and

2) Like.

Even on the web.

That’s why conversational copywriting is the next evolution in direct response copywriting. And it’s perfectly poised for cutting through the noise of the web.

So whether we’re developing or clarifying your brand persona, writing a website, or running your marketing campaign, we’ll create real conversations that tell your story and connect with your customers.

And while we’re at it…

Woman meditating with less stress from hiring a good web copywriter.
“Ridiculous organization and project management skills. I was impressed with how Stephen assessed who we are, our challenges, and proposed customized solutions for us.”
Chuck Caputo, web copywriting client.
Chuck Caputo
Executive Director, Lifeline Center for Child Development

You have a choice. Your freelance web copywriter can add value– or add stress.

I’m not much of a betting man, but I’ll bet on this.

Whether you’re a marketing director or a business owner, your plate is full. You don’t have extra time for worrying if your copywriter will come through.

Can they meet deadlines? Be there at crunch time? Take and apply feedback? Heck, do they even understand what your business is all about, and how the project fits into the plan?

Now, I’m a bit of an INTJ– or nerd, as my daughter says. If it’s not right, I’m not happy. So what does that do for you?


Get your web marketing project producing on time... without chewing your fingers to nubs.

I know. Your marketing doesn’t exist in a bubble. You have folks to answer to.

You’re a marketing director with a boss eyeballing your work and demanding results. And you need a strong ROI you can show.

Or you’re a business owner holding yourself to high standards when it comes to acquiring and pleasing new customers. 

Believe me, I understand. So, I make it easy with these four promises.

We’ll generate leads and sales with a partnership approach.

Sure, I know web copywriting. But you know your business. I’d be stupid to think I have all the answers without your input.

Yeah, it’s cliché… but the way we’ll succeed is as a team. I’ll bring ideas to the table, and lend some guidance when you wonder about the best course. In other words, let’s do some problem solving!

Details. I’ll sweat them so you don’t have to.

I’ll get in gear with research (behold, my INTJ-ness). And I’ll double check all the little things like links, editing, and proofing– before I submit the project to you.

Do I still want your feedback? Absolutely. And I’ll listen to it. I mean, hey… we’re a team. So take some time and breathe a little easier.

I’ll respect your time so you can focus on your job.

You’ll get emails answered and phone calls returned– quickly. No need for hand-holding.

I’m pretty much set it and forget it. I’ll take the project and run with it, keeping it on track without giving you a panic over where “that damned freelance copywriter disappeared to.”

When in doubt, we’ll test.

You’ll get a solid project from me. But there are always tweaks we can test.

Headlines and subject lines, button color and CTA, images and placement, and so much more. I’m always happy to test changes– in fact, I recommend it– so you get the best results possible every time.

Don't hire me as your web copywriter.

OK, not literally.

Look, here’s the truth. There are a crap-load of copywriters out there who will write your words for pennies.

But your marketing will be a lot easier with a partner– someone who’s an idea generator, a helpful advisor, and a reliable resource. So…

Have a new project that needs to hit the ground running? Or maybe a sluggish project in need of new life?

Tell me about your project and challenges and we’ll brainstorm some ideas. Click the button below and schedule your 1-hour strategy session directly on my calendar… no charge, no obligation.

Of course, you can also contact me by email or phone with questions.

P.S.– Just so you know, I’m not always in front of a keyboard. When I’m not working, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, disappearing into the wilderness, or carving some curves through the Blue Ridge Mountains.