As part of the health and fitness movement for over 25 years, I do more than "speak health and fitness."

I live it.

All copywriters write words. 

But I’ve spent over half my life as a fitness enthusiast, competitive athlete, and business owner in the industry. So, not only do I understand your customers, I know first-hand the marketing challenges health and fitness businesses face.

What does that mean for your business?

Save time on your project.

I’ve worked in, owned, and marketed health and fitness businesses for almost 20 years. 

I’ve waded hip-deep into customer objections on a daily basis… and overcome them.

That means less time getting up to speed on your project, more time writing words that’ll convert customers.

Hit customer pain points.

I relate to customers’ pain points, wants, needs, and desires. Why?

Because as a fitness enthusiast and competitive duathlete, I’ve been a customer– maybe even yours– for over 25 years. 

In other words, you get a copywriter who understands and speaks directly to the emotions of your customers.

Unify your digital marketing.

Besides marketing my own businesses, I’ve studied direct response copywriting, copywriting for the web, and social media marketing.

You’ll get marketing materials optimized for each platform, whether website, email, or social media…

All with the ultimate goal of converting and keeping customers.


Mark deadlines with confidence.

As a U.S. Army combat arms veteran, I know how reliability, timeliness, grit, and teamwork create successful missions.

Those ideals were seared into my brain, and I still hold them today.

Tell me your deadline. The project will get done– on time, and right. That’s the only acceptable outcome.

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Who's writing your words?

Stephen is a copywriter specializing in digital marketing projects for health and fitness businesses.

I was a scraggly kid– not exactly the epitome of an athlete. Don’t get me wrong, I tried; youth football and baseball, but it wasn’t pretty.

Then in 1990, I found wrestling, and things changed. Now, I wasn’t great, mind you. I wrestled two weight classes up– because the team’s weight class was empty, not because of my sheer awesomeness. But, I managed 3rd place in the conference.

Then I challenged myself more… running, cycling, martial arts. I even lugged home several gold medals as an amateur duathlete, including one at the Georgia state championship in 2004.

Hi. I’m Stephen.

Somehow, despite my slow start in fitness, I made my way into the health and fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and endurance sports trainer. Over the years, I directed and helped grow two training programs at local gyms, helped open a personal training studio, owned another training studio and a martial arts school… and continued to love health and fitness.

I’ve shared that love of fitness with clients and students. I supported them in moments of sorrow when life knocked them down, and challenged them to overcome limitations they thought they had, but I knew they didn’t.

And ultimately, I celebrated victories small and large as they reached their goals and changed their lives.

But I’m just one person. Now I help health and fitness businesses reach customers and change lives in numbers I could never reach on my own. Perhaps yours is next.

Have a copywriting project or marketing challenge you'd like to discuss?

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P.S.– Just so you know, I’m not always in front of a keyboard. When I’m not working, you’ll find me hanging out with my family, disappearing into the wilderness, or carving some curves through the Blue Ridge Mountains.