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Hi, I'm Stephen


Before becoming a health and fitness copywriter, I spent almost three decades as a personal trainer, athlete, and active-life enthusiast.

During that time, I discovered three big desires driving health and fitness customers. And surprisingly, none are “health” or “fitness.”

Now I use those insights helping health and fitness businesses turn digital marketing copy into sales conversations that build trust and convert customers.

Stephen Ledford is a web copywriter for the health & fitness industry.

The only industry that changes faster than technology is health & fitness.

Actually, I just made that up. But it sounds about right doesn’t it? 

Because if you’ve been in the industry for more than two months, you know how quickly trends come and go. For a generalist copywriter that happens to write about health and fitness, it can be hard to keep up.

Sure, they can research. But what about working in the trenches day in and day out, listening to real customers and solving their real problems?

And speaking of things changing quickly…


Digital marketing is an evolutionary wildfire fueled by a new kind of copywriting.

Oh, digital marketing. Just when you think you have it under control, it takes off in a new direction. But one thing stays the same. Old-school copywriting just doesn’t fit in on the web.

Have you ever bought something from a used-car-salesman type? Then felt like you should rush home and wash the skank off? Yeah… me too.

And that’s how customers feel when your digital marketing copy flashes cheesy grins and gold-chain-covered hairy chests instead of inviting them into a genuine conversation.

Today’s digital marketing is about building relationships with your customers. It’s about conversing with them, not broadcasting at them. 


Am I the health & fitness copywriter for your business?

 Maybe. But only if you need a copywriter who–

  • Sees the uniqueness and value of your product or service.
  • Explains your value in words customers can understand.
  • Knows your customers and the emotions driving them like the back of his hand.
  • Persuades readers to take the next step in the sales process.
  • Understands why traditional copywriting doesn't work into today's digital market.

And here’s the kicker. In fact, it’s the most important piece, even if you checked everything on the list above.

  • You should need a copywriter who works with you like a professional because he's been in your business-shoes–and takes your business as seriously as his own.

Because, my clients will tell you…

“Stephen went above and beyond my expectations. I hired him to do SEO copywriting for a new site. While he certainly did those things well, he also provided me with expert advice and guidance.

He understood exactly what my intent was, and helped me express it in a way that others could easily understand.”
Stephen Opper, web copywriting client.
Stephen Opper
Owner, Asheville Pain & Performance
“Ridiculous organization and project management skills. I was impressed with how Stephen assessed who we are, our challenges, and proposed customized solutions for us.

He became a call I looked forward to, and he guided me to complete some serious thinking about my agency and where I want it to go. I highly recommend him.”
Chuck Caputo, web copywriting client.
Chuck Caputo
Executive Director, Lifeline Center for Child Development

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