Want more buy-button clicks for your health & fitness business?

Pump up your customers' lifetime value with sales copywriting optimized for the web.

The internet moves fast, making marketing a challenge in a world where… 

  • People judge your website and business in seconds,
  • Social media wizards hide behind their curtain, limiting your business exposure, and
  • The "next greatest thing" in health and fitness may lure your hard earned customer away tomorrow.

Want to win the race? Then you need copywriting that does the heavy lifting by connecting with customers’ emotions…

 And follows best practices for each online platform– whether website, email, or social media.

I can help.

Stephen Ledford is a web copywriter for the health & fitness industry.

Hi, I’m Stephen. Unlike most copywriters, I’ve spent over 25 years in the health and fitness industry as a business owner, fitness coach, active-life enthusiast, and competitive athlete. Plus, I specialize in copywriting and marketing for the web.

“Stephen went above and beyond my expectations. I hired him to do SEO copywriting for a new site. While he certainly did those things well, he also provided me with expert advice and guidance.

He understood exactly what my intent was, and helped me express it in a way that others could easily understand.”
Stephen Opper, web copywriting client.
Stephen Opper
Owner, Asheville Pain & Performance
“Ridiculous organization and project management skills. I was impressed with how Stephen assessed who we are, our challenges, and proposed customized solutions for us.

He became a call I looked forward to, and he guided me to complete some serious thinking about my agency and where I want it to go. I highly recommend him.”
Chuck Caputo, web copywriting client.
Chuck Caputo
Executive Director, Lifeline Center for Child Development

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